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Entry #5


2010-07-04 08:29:54 by ieneien

most of the things i learned at college i learned outside the university. haha. one more year and i'll leave this loop for another, more depressing one.

here's a picture of me as i instill fear inside you.



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2010-07-04 10:44:03

thats not scary. please try again

ieneien responds:

alas! you have not seen my right hand! it is a CLAW


2010-07-15 12:23:14 hlvj957fr

ieneien responds:

hahahaha no, thanks. :D


2010-07-27 00:47:15

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ieneien responds:

oh my, i guess i really have to now!


2010-08-21 01:32:19

Look at these jerks, posting this nonsense because you're on NewGrounds. It's childish, honestly.

...So do you like.. ever show cleavage or anything? xD Jk.


2011-06-15 23:09:03

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